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Conference Programme

Day 1 Thursday, April 25, 2019 6:00 AM (GMT) - 05:00 PM (GMT)

CSOC 2019

06:00 AM (GMT)
Paper: Novel Optimized Filter Design for Filtered-OFDM to Enhance 5G Communication Spectral Efficiency
Author: Nagapushpa KP

06:10 AM (GMT)
Paper: Multiagent Distribution of Roles in Communities with Limited Communications
Author: Donat Ivanov

06:20 AM (GMT)
Paper: Analysis of the Software Project Estimation Process: A Case Study
Author: Zdenka Prokopova

06:30 AM (GMT)
Paper: Software Implementation of Spectral Correlation Density Analyzer with RTL2832U SDR and Qt Framework
Author: Evgeny Efimov

06:40 AM (GMT)
Paper: Determination issues of data mining process of failures in the production systems
Author: Martin Nemeth

06:50 AM (GMT)
Paper: Identification of KDD problems from medical data
Author: Andrea Peterková

07:00 AM (GMT)
Paper: PCCV: Parallel Cancellation and Convolution Viterbi encoding/decoding approach for MIMO-OFDMA for efficient resource allocation and power consumption
Author: Archana B

07:10 AM (GMT)
Paper: A Technique of Adaptation of the Workload Distribution Problem Model for the Fog-Computing Environment
Author: Anna Klimenko

07:20 AM (GMT)
Paper: Implication of Artificial Intelligence to Enhance the Security Aspects of Cloud Enabled Internet of Things (IoT)
Author: Ramesh Shahabadkar

07:30 AM (GMT)
Paper: Performance Analysis of Weighted Priority Queuing Systems
Author: Dariusz Strzeciwilk

07:40 AM (GMT)
Paper: An Ontology-based Approach to the Workload Distribution Problem Solving in Fog-computing Environment
Author: Anna Klimenko

07:50 AM (GMT)
Paper: A Cognitive Assistant Functional Model and Architecture for the Social Media Victim Behavior Prevention
Author: Anna Klimenko

08:00 AM (GMT)
Paper: Model-algorithmic Support for Abilities Calculating of Control System Based on Projection Operators
Author: Vitaly Ushakov

08:10 AM (GMT)
Paper: Collaborative Data Mining in Agriculture for Prediction of Humidity and Temperature in Transylvanian Plateau
Author: Carmen Anton

08:20 AM (GMT)
Paper: An Efficient Mechanism to Improve the Complexity and System Performance in OFDM using Switched Beam Smart Antenna (SSA)
Author: Shiva Panchakshari

08:30 AM (GMT)
Paper: The evolution of blockchain virtual machine architecture towards an enterprise usage perspective
Author: Alexandru Butean

08:40 AM (GMT)
Paper: A Power Efficient Authentication Model for E-Healthcare System Security Concerns in Context to In-ternet of Things (IoT)
Author: Latha P.H

08:50 AM (GMT)
Paper: Intelligent Technologies and Methods of Tundra Vegetation Properties Detection Using Satellite Multispectral Imagery
Author: Victor Mochalov

09:00 AM (GMT)
Paper: Comparison Two of Different Technologies for Outdoor Positioning
Author: Miroslav Dvořák

09:10 AM (GMT)
Paper: The Use of Recursive ABC Method for Warehouse Management
Author: Milan Jemelka

09:20 AM (GMT)
Paper: Artificial Intelligence Tools for Smart Tourism Development
Author: Matúš Marciš

10:00 AM (GMT)
Paper: Perspective on Slovakia’s Freelancers in Sharing Economy – Case Study
Author: Michal Beno

10:10 AM (GMT)
Paper: Building models of the movement of objects in the pursuit problem. Solution in the system of computational mathematics "MathCAD"

10:20 AM (GMT)
Paper: Proposal of data pre-processing for purpose of analysis in accordance with the concept Industry 4.0
Author: Jela Abasová

10:30 AM (GMT)
Paper: A Robust Modeling of Impainting System to Eliminate Textual Attributes while Restoring the Visual Texture from Image and Video
Author: Pushpa D

10:40 AM (GMT)
Paper: Outliners Detection Method for Software Effort Estimation Models
Author: Petr Silhavy

11:00 AM (GMT)
Paper: Optimization of Models of Quantum Computers Using Low-level Quantum Schemes and Variability of Cores and Nodes
Author: Viktor Potapov

11:10 AM (GMT)
Paper: Human Activity Identification using Novel Feature Ex-traction and Ensemble-based Learning for Accuracy
Author: Abdul Lateef Haroon P.S

11:30 AM (GMT)
Paper: Smart thermostat as a part of IoT attack
Author: Tibor Horák

12:00 PM (GMT)
Paper: Intelligent Software Agents for Managing Road Speed Offences
Author: Maythem K. Abbas

12:10 PM (GMT)
Paper: Hybrid algorithm of mobile position-trajectory control
Author: Oleg Lebedev

12:20 PM (GMT)
Paper: OFMDC: Optimal Framework for Microarray Data Classification using Eigenvector Decompositionfor
Author: Sudha V

12:30 PM (GMT)
Paper: Hybrid optimization method based on the integration of evolution models and swarm intelligence in affine search spaces
Author: Oleg Lebedev

12:40 PM (GMT)
Paper: Sacrifice as Paradigm of Robot Behavior in Group
Author: Viacheslav Abrosimov

12:50 PM (GMT)
Paper: Automatic Parametric Fault Detection in Complex Microwave Filter Using SVM and PCA
Author: Adrian Bilski

01:00 PM (GMT)
Paper: Using Multimedia in Blended Learning
Author: Jiri Vojtesek

01:10 PM (GMT)
Paper: Multi-agent Modeling of the Socio-technical System Taking into Account the Risk Assessment
Author: Yulia Alexeenko

01:20 PM (GMT)
Paper: LCBC-XTEA: High Throughput Lightweight Crypto-graphic Block Cipher Model for Low-cost RFID Sys-tems
Author: Anusha R

01:30 PM (GMT)
Paper: A Fog Node Architecture for Real-Time Processing of Urban IoT Data Streams
Author: Elarbi Badidi

01:50 PM (GMT)
Paper: Decoupling Channel Contention and Data Transmission in Dense Wireless Infrastructure Network
Author: Jianjun Lei

02:00 PM (GMT)
Paper: Indonesian Food Image Recognition using Convolutional Neural Network
Author: Lili Wulandhari

02:10 PM (GMT)
Paper: Topic-enriched Word Embeddings for Sarcasm Identification
Author: Aytuğ Onan

02:30 PM (GMT)
Paper: Type-2 Fuzzy Controller for stability of a system

03:00 PM (GMT)
Paper: Cross-collection Multi-Aspect Sentiment Analysis
Author: Hemed Kaporo

03:20 PM (GMT)
Paper: Theatrical Notes in Perturbation Techniques Applied to the Fully Nonlinear Water Waves

03:30 PM (GMT)
Paper: Framework based on a fuzzy inference model for the selection of university program applicants
Author: Nemias Saboya

04:00 PM (GMT)
Paper: The Minimization of Empirical Risk through Stochastic Gradient Descent with Momentum Algorithms
Author: Arindam Chaudhuri

04:10 PM (GMT)
Paper: Messaging in the Internet – History Overview, Current Issues and Future Prospects
Author: Tomáš Sochor

04:20 PM (GMT)
Paper: Dynamic Routing Protocol Convergence in Simulated and Real IPv4 and IPv6 Networks
Author: Tomáš Sochor

04:30 PM (GMT)
Paper: Validating the Conceptual Framework with Exploratory Testing
Author: Murugan Thangiah

04:40 PM (GMT)
Paper: Prevention of Local Emergencies in the Mechanical Transport Systems
Author: Marina Savelyeva

04:50 PM (GMT)
Paper: The Method of Deductive Inference of Consequences with the Scheme Construction
Author: Gennadiy Chistyakov

05:00 PM (GMT)
Paper: Combined Method of Monitoring of Hazardous Phenomena and Predicting of Hazardous Processes and Security of Coastal Infrastructure and Population
Author: Marina Orda-Zhigulina

Day 2 Friday, April 26, 2019 6:00 AM (GMT) - 05:00 PM (GMT)

CSOC 2019

06:00 AM (GMT)
Paper: Model of an intellectual information system for recogniz-ing users of a social network using bioinspired methods
Author: Margarita Kucherova

06:10 AM (GMT)
Paper: Analysis of behaviour patterns of the residents of a smart house
Author: Radim Farana

06:20 AM (GMT)
Paper: Information Flow Control in Interactive Analysis of Map Images with Fuzzy Elements
Author: Andrey Glushkov

06:30 AM (GMT)
Paper: Mathematical Models Incorporated in a Digital Workflow for Designing an Anthropomorphous Robot
Author: Aleksandar Ivanov

06:40 AM (GMT)
Paper: Architectural framework for Industry 4.0 compliance Supply Chain System for Automotive Industry
Author: Kiran Kumar

06:50 AM (GMT)
Paper: Image Augmentation Techniques for Road Sign Detection in Automotive Vision System
Author: Paulina Bugiel

07:00 AM (GMT)
Paper: Ball & Plate Model on ABB YuMi robot
Author: Lubos Spacek

07:10 AM (GMT)
Paper: Novel Anti-collision algorithm in RFID tag identification process
Author: Musaddak Maher

07:20 AM (GMT)
Paper: S-DWF:An Integrated Schema for Secure Digital Image Watermarking
Author: Radha Kumari

07:30 AM (GMT)
Paper: Hybrid Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for t-Way Interaction Test Suite Generation
Author: Ammar Alazzawi

07:40 AM (GMT)
Paper: Conversion of Meteorological Input Data Implemented in the Algorithm of Storm Prediction
Author: David Šaur

07:50 AM (GMT)
Paper: Approach of Process Modeling Applied in Particular Pedagogical Research
Author: Marek Vaclavik

08:00 AM (GMT)
Paper: Multi-Channel FXLMS Filter as an Array of Processing Blocks and a Method to Maintain its Performance when Increasing the Number of Channels
Author: Inna Ushenina

08:20 AM (GMT)
Paper: Mac-Cormack's Scheme for Shock Filtering Equation in Image Enhancement
Author: Putu Harry Gunawan

08:30 AM (GMT)
Paper: Identification, Assessment and Automated Classification of Requirements Engineering Techniques
Author: Aleksander Jarzebowicz

08:40 AM (GMT)
Paper: RF-IoT: A Robust Framework to Optimize Internet of Things (IoT) Security Performance
Author: Anil G N

09:00 AM (GMT)
Paper: Studying the Schrödinger Equation, Implementation of Qubits and Visualization of Matrices Using Matlab
Author: Natalia Korobeynikova

09:10 AM (GMT)
Paper: An Effective Hardware-based Bidirectional Security Aware M-Payment System by using Biometric Authentication
Author: Jerrin Yomas

09:20 AM (GMT)
Paper: An Efficient Approach towards Formal Verification of Mixed Signals using Feed-Forward Neural Network
Author: Vidhya DS

09:30 AM (GMT)
Paper: Modeling and Evaluating a Human Resource Management Ontology
Author: wiem Zaouga

09:40 AM (GMT)
Paper: An Empirical Assessment of Error Masking Semantic Metric
Author: Dalila Amara

09:50 AM (GMT)
Paper: Simplified Framework for Resisting Lethal Incoming Threats from Polluting in Wireless Sensor Network
Author: Somu Parande

10:00 AM (GMT)
Paper: Analysis of Existing Concepts of Optimization of ETL-Processes
Author: Sarah Hahn

10:10 AM (GMT)
Paper: Game-Decision Model for Isolating Intruder & bridging Tradeoff between Energy and Security
Author: Bhagyashree Ambore

10:20 AM (GMT)
Paper: Theoretical and experimental evaluation of PSO-K-means algorithm for MRI images segmentation using Drift Theorem
Author: Yuri Skobtsov

10:30 AM (GMT)
Paper: Neural Network Comparison for Paint Errors Classification for Automotive Industry in Compliance with Industry 4.0 Concept
Author: Michal Kebisek

10:50 AM (GMT)
Paper: A Simple and Cost-Effective Anomaly Detection Para-digm on the Basis of Computational Intelligence for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks from a Security Viewpoint
Author: Pradeep Kumar K

11:10 AM (GMT)
Paper: Functionalities as a Service
Author: Pedro Porfirio Muniz Farias

11:40 AM (GMT)
Paper: Intelligence-Software Cost Estimation Model for Opti-mizing Project Management
Author: Parveen Naik

12:00 PM (GMT)
Paper: Modeling the Engineering Process as a Thinging Machine: A Case Study of Chip Manufacturing
Author: Aya Hassouneh

12:10 PM (GMT)
Paper: Novel Filtering-based Approach using Fuzzy Logic for Prevention of Adversaries in Sensory Application
Author: Tejashwini N

12:30 PM (GMT)
Paper: Online social networks analysis for digitalization evaluation
Author: Igor Datyev

01:10 PM (GMT)
Paper: Time series of workload on railway routes
Author: Zdena Dobesova

01:20 PM (GMT)
Paper: Software Algorithm of EM-OLAP Tool – Design of OLAP Database for Econometric Application
Author: Jan Tyrychtr

02:00 PM (GMT)
Paper: Principal Component Analysis and ReliefF cascaded with Decision Tree for Credit Scoring
Author: Thitimanan Damrongsakmethee

02:10 PM (GMT)
Paper: Applying Context to Hand-written Character Recognition
Author: Steven Brownfield

02:30 PM (GMT)
Paper: Social Networks Bot Detection Using Deep Forest
Author: Kheir eddine daouadi

02:50 PM (GMT)
Paper: Economics Of Using Blockchain In The System Of Labor Relations
Author: Ruslan Dolzhenko

03:00 PM (GMT)
Paper: Performance analysis of different recurrent neural network architectures and classical statistical model for financial forecasting: A case study on Dhaka Stock Exchange
Author: Akash Bhowmick

03:10 PM (GMT)
Paper: Audio Gadget Recommendation by Fuzzy Logic
Author: Md. Mokarram Chowdhury

03:20 PM (GMT)
Paper: Literature Review on Database Design Testing Techniques
Author: Abdullahi Abubakar Imam

03:50 PM (GMT)
Paper: Shapp: workload management system for massive distributed calculations
Author: Tomasz Gałecki

04:00 PM (GMT)
Paper: Predicting Regional Credit Ratings using Ensemble Classification with MetaCost
Author: Evelyn Toseafa

04:10 PM (GMT)
Paper: The Optimisation of LDPC Decoding Algorithm Parameters for 5G Access Network Empirical Models
Author: Tomáš Knot

04:20 PM (GMT)
Paper: Streaming Analytics — Real-time Customer Satisfaction in Brick-And-Mortar Retailing
Author: Felix Weber

04:30 PM (GMT)
Paper: Support to the Early Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes aided by Bayesian Networks
Author: Placido Pinheiro

04:40 PM (GMT)
Paper: A Study of DDoS reflection attack on Internet of Things in IPv4/IPv6 networks
Author: Ladislav Huraj