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Participation Description

Paper Submission: December 17, 2024! | Submit paper

Participation Description

You will submit your paper (see Fig. 1) and you will receive an information email. We shall start the paper evaluation and review process. If your paper is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email and you will be able to access reviews on your user account webpage.

Paper Submission Process
Fig 1: Paper Submission Process

The conference is an online conference. You will participate from your home or office, by using our web-conferencing solution.

Each author of an accepted paper submits a final version of the paper and the payment (see Fig 2). Then, each author will receive an email that will contain instructions about the timeslot selection. Each author can select a timeslot that best suits their needs (all times are presented in GMT time zones, so be careful in the recalculation to your national time zone).

Conference Participations Process
Fig 2: Conference Participations Process

Each participant needs a personal computer, microphone and an Internet connection. There will be a training session when all participants can test their equipment.